Pikolinos shoes are produced in Spain. You can find the factory stores in Ávila and Segovia, where you can visit the outlet store to buy up to 70% off items from the previous season.

About Pikolinos

Pikolinos is a well-known Spanish shoe brand. It is the market leader in Spain and one of the leading shoe brands in Europe and Latin America. It has been producing comfortable and durable shoes that fit your feet since 1978.

Pikolinos is a part of the BATA Group, which also includes The North Face, Merrell, Hanwag, Roxy, Sorelle Amoré, and others. The company makes shoes both for men (90%) and women (10%).

The main Pikolinos factory is located in Segovia, Spain. The company also has an outlet store and factory outlet in Ávila, Spain. number of stores: one hundred and ninety

The company has sales outlets in 14 countries, and service points in more than 15 countries.
The company also deals with the sale of its products to over 30 countries.

Where to buy it? 

Pikolinos are distributed in several countries and you should be able to purchase them at your local boutique or department store that carries the Pikolinos brand of shoes. You can also check out the Pikolinos website for more information on where you can find them.

Pikolinos shoes can be bought at the main outlet store in Ávila and Segovia, Spain. Also, you can find the outlet store in other cities of Spain. The online store is open from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 20:30 hours.

But you can order products from the online store and all European countries. The shipping costs within the EU differ according to the size of the package, as it is:

  • Up to 50€ – free shipping
  • Between 50 and 100€ – 4€
  • More than 100€ – 6€

How to contact Pikolinos?

For all information, including about the products, the company and the opening hours of its outlets, please refer to the Pikolinos website.

Offical website for US, United Kingdom and territories from the European

  • Union: https://www.pikolinos.com/es-uk/
  • Pikolinos store locator:  https://www.pikolinos.com/en-uk/mapa-tiendas
  • Website in English:  https://www.pikolinos.com/en-uk/

Pikolinos international contacts:

What if you have order a product that is not in stock?

If a product is out of stock, it will be made within 48 hours. If the order has not been made before the deadline, we reserve the right to cancel it without costs or penalties. When you contact us about this problem, please include your email address and your telephone number.

How many pikolinos shoes can be sold per year?

The company has more than 100 stores and several sales points in Netherlands, England, France, Belgium, the United States, Mexico and Panama. They sell approximately 300 thousand pairs of shoes a year.

Can I wear Pikolinos shoes outside of Spain?

According to the website, you can wear Pikolinos shoes in countries like France, Belgium, and Mexico. However, you cannot wear these shoes when in Turkey or Egypt due to their laws on imported goods.