Dustpan now becomes more popular than before because of its convenience. Read our following article to know more about it!

green dustpan and brush isolated on white background

In this article, we want to introduce you a dustpan from Teramoto – a Japanese company that is useful for every homemaker. But if you want to purchase other brands of dustpan, you can check out quickeasycook.com’s dustpan and broom reviews here: https://www.quickeasycook.com/best-dustpan/.

Dustpan of Teramoto

First of all, we will find some information about the Teramoto brand. You find it difficult to use a dustpan – a half shovel and brush. Don’t worry! Sweeping dust has never been so easy when you have the tools in hand!

Let’s check it out!

Teramoto Brand Information

Teramoto is a brand specializing in manufacturing household appliances in Japan. Teramoto products are produced from high-quality, tested materials that are not harmful to users.

Besides, this brand also produces products with beautiful design, high convenience. It is often trusted and chosen by global consumers.

A Special Dustpan Made From Japan

This dustpan has a rather unique shape in the form of a ring used to sweep different types of dust.

Dustpan Slim

A simple and beautiful tool helps you to sweep dust


Simple Usage

You just need to press the beak (thick green cover) or the wing’s end (thin green cover) down to the dustpan crust and pull down in a straight line. Use the tail to collect the dust. Do it repeatedly until you remove all wastes.

Of course, the following step is simple when people just use their hands to gently collect all the dust and unused items in the floor.

This tool makes your cleaning process become more straightforward, faster, and your house after being swept look better.

Convenient Design

The amazing design helps you to clean your house quickly and more beautiful. Besides, the tool is also very easy to clean for using the next time.

High Quality, Safe Material

Teramoto dustpan is made from high-quality material with high durability and in particular, does not cause any toxic chemicals when exposed to water and floor.

Is This Love Tool Really Useful?

According to many positive feedbacks from our customers, this sweeping tool has many benefits. Apart from floors, you can also use it to remove all dusts off other surfaces.

In particular, this dustpan sets well for both indoor and outdoor use as well as is convenient for cleaning up messes in your work shop, garden, or garage.

Also, there is a strap located inside the product as a storage solution. You can hang on its hook simply in your closet or behind a door.

It is indeed great for sweeping up all tiny particles, including dust, dirt, and sand. However, you need to pay attention to keep it out of children’s reach.

A Great Kitchen Gadget

Nowadays, many useful kitchen appliances are getting more attention and invented creatively to help the kitchen work become simpler and faster.

From the smallest thing like sweeping dust, we also have the tools to do it. And through the above article, we have known dustpan as a compact but useful tool.

Some people will feel disregard for this tool but believe us; you will have to rethink after using dustpan! Hopefully, our article gives you useful information about this peeling gadget.