A flour sifter is an essential tool when you bake cakes. But, many people often forget this. So, what is its advantage? Read our following article!

Understanding the types of materials, tools, choosing the right kind and using it correctly will help the kitchen work, in general, become much more relaxed.

When you first start making cakes, some of you still don’t know much about the necessary tools. So if you often buy excess or lack of tools, such as a flour sifter which is very important but people often think it’s unnecessary.

Therefore, today, apart from the use of the flour sifter, we will provide you a list of tool needed before making a cake. Let’s get started!

Choose Basic Baking Tools

Bakery tools are generally not cheap, but often very durable. From a kit, you can make hundreds, thousands of cakes for years, which is very profitable.

1. The Flour Mixing Bowl And The Flour Sifter

You can use big bowls or pots to temporarily replace the mixing bowl when you have not enough money to buy.

A mixing bowl and a flour sifter will be helpful when you start making cakes with an oven. Buy at least 1 – 2 bowls having 25 – 30 cm tall.

2. Scale & Measuring Spoon Sets

  • Needed in any case, can’t be lacked.
  • It is best to choose electronic scales that can measure up to 1 or 0.1 grams.
  • If using a standard scale, only 100 grams or more can be weighed; then there should be a set of measuring spoons.
  • Usually, one teaspoon = 5 grams of powder or 5 ml of liquid; 1 tablespoon = 15 grams of fine powder or 15 ml of liquid.

Without electronic scales, a spoon can be used to measure small quantities. But note that depending on the volume, the specific weight that one tablespoon of material will have different masses.

3. Egg Whisk And Stand Mixer

  • The higher the machine’s capacity is, the faster and stronger the eggs will be beaten, which help to save more time.
  • If you don’t have a mixer: you can whip the whole egg/whites/ fresh eggs with a handheld whisk, but it will be tired (depending on your beating power and techniques).

4. Oven

  • Most family ovens have some problems, so it is more important to know which oven to buy.
  • Electric rice cookers can bake some kinds of cakes or tarts, but they cannot bake delicious bread or biscuits.
  • Microwave oven, glass oven, the grill can NOT be used for baking.

Baking Is Not Difficult

These are the four tools you need to buy if you want to make delicious cakes. In particular, don’t forget to purchase a flour sifter. We need to repeat that it is vital in the baking process if you don’t want to lump flour.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you have found yourself an inspiration to start making cakes.